Mariah Carey’s Fanbase Is Wide, But Not Deep

Glenn Gamboa of Newsday profiled the rise and fall of and what she needs to do to get back on top and challenge the Beatles for the most #1 songs of all time. Gamboa suggests, “Carey has to rely on constantly rolling out enjoyable music to maintain her relationship with fans. That suffered when she strayed too far from her mall-loving, Long Island roots, strutting off in those unbuttoned Daisy Dukes and the bikini tops and cavorting with Jay-Z. Much of her fan base put up a collective hand and said, “Girlfriend, we cannot get down with that’.”

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One thought on “Mariah Carey’s Fanbase Is Wide, But Not Deep

  1. lindsay says:

    This is true. i have been a life long Mariah fan, but she has simply strayed too far from what made people love her in the first place-her voice. she will never be what she once was, and that sucks.

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