Mariah Carey’s ‘GMA’ Switch Enrages NBC

The New York Post hears NBC is furious with Mariah Carey, her manager Benny Medina and her reps at Def Jam after the singer broke a commitment to appear on ‘Today’ to instead appear on ‘Good Morning America’ in support of her new album E=MC2. “Every morning show wanted Mariah on for her new album, so Benny started negotiating,” a music insider explained. “He demanded that ‘Today’ promote her fragrance and also give her a guest-star role on ‘My Name is Earl.’ They agreed.” After pushing back the album’s release date to continue work on the disc, the part in the NBC comedy was cancelled. “The entire time, Benny told ‘Today’ it would get Mariah for its concert series on Rockefeller Plaza. But then he stopped returning calls. Turns out, he had done a side deal behind everyone’s back with ‘Good Morning America’ – after NBC had agreed to all of his demands.” Read more.

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