Mariah Carey’s Mom Warns Luis Not To Be Heartbreaker 2

The Globe reports Mariah Carey’s mother Pat Vian phoned Luis Miguel from the kitchen of her Westchester, New York home after Mariah had left the room to warn the Latin singer not to break her heart like he had last summer. A source revealed Vian said, “Stay away from my daughter! You want to put her back in the psycho ward?” adding, “You’d better not be playing games with my daughter’s feelings again, or you’ll have me to answer to this time!”

When Luis contacted Mariah shortly before their romance rekindled, she quizzed him on reports that he was back with Sofia Vergara. A friend of Mariah’s said, “She believed him when he laughed off rumors that he was really back with Sofia. The truth is Mariah’s never gotten over Luis for a second. She’s more in love with him now than ever. She wants to marry him and have his children.”

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