Mariah Carey’s New Album

Contributed by SJ:

A fan from writes: “I read the comment left by the person who works for MonarC. I know it might be a rumor but my cousin works over at Universal Music in Germany. He is a big Mariah fan and his boss told him the new Mariah album is planned to be titled ‘On The Other Side’ (or something close to that). This is why I belive that comment was not a rumor. Universal are sure this album is going to be like nothing Mariah has ever done before. Her new management are tring to give her a different edge and persuaded her to give the album a mature and different title, not a girly one like ‘Rainbow’ or ‘Daydream’. I know that comment still might be a rumor but it is a coincidence that Universal Music Germany got told the album was going to be called ‘On The Other Side’ as well. Hope I helped.” Remember to not always believe what you hear. So everyone… take this as a rumor and nothing more.

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