Mariah Carey’s Voice Outshines The Glitter

Alison Dayani of the Birmingham Post reviewed Mariah Carey’s concert at the NEC in Birmingham the other night. She writes, “Despite being a petite figure she the diva oozed personality and commanded the audience’s attention as she made quirky anecdotes and drank tea on stage.” Dayani added, “Mariah may not be as cool as she once was but one thing’s for sure she still has the multi-million pound voice.” The full review at has since been removed.

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9 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s Voice Outshines The Glitter

  1. mikemc says:

    Keep the great reviews coming!!!!! Just goes to show you that you can’t keep Mariah down!!! This tour is the best.

  2. Maddie says:

    Ha!! Haters anyone!!? “Bartender!, I want a hater on the rocks please, make it strong!” I’ll drink to that!!! Go baby Mariah!

  3. Crusader says:

    This is cause for celebration!! lol, I’m going to drink me a nice bottle of Wine tonight!! and the toast will to Mariah, my fellow lambs and the haters who stupidly and unintentionally promote Mariah!! lmao!! Mariah Forever!!! Crusader!

  4. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    Now, I’m not one to pass up an opportunity to binge drink in celebration of something and I really hate to rain on my fellow fans’ parade, but when had Mariah even been “cool”? A lot of people didn’t like her even when she was popular, some thought she was actually a sell-out and a wannabe. She’s been phenomenally entertaining at best, but not “cool”. Mariah’s a little too “white” to be cool. By “white” I mean a little too fluffy, girly, prudish, and conservative. Before anyone calls me a racist, keep in mind that my boyfriend is white, and definitely ain’t cool. All of the “cool” Caucasians I know act (or try to act) black (*cough* Justin Timberlake *cough*).

  5. B0rntoplay says:

    That’s cool. I’m so glad she extended her tour…maybe this time I’ll be able to go.

  6. PaulNick19 says:

    StayGoneBeautiful, you are right….to a degree. I think they just meant that she was appealed to more than now. She wasn’t ever cool is right heh. I’m glad she’s herself though, that should be commended for….just like you said JT acts like something he’s not just to seem cool. Mariah is the best in my eyes…great review!

  7. MariahCareyFreak says:

    Question? How do you act black? What you know about being Black anyway? Mariah Carey is very COOL! She’s Mixed! When does color make you cool? I think being who you are inside makes you cool and Mariah has always tried to be herself. I’m a Caucasian but I grew up in a black neighborhood. So I dress like the my friends! It’s the life you live not the color you are! You’re probably more white at heart then anybody. I’m me! If you don’t like that oh well!

  8. monarc20 says:

    The Review’s just keep getting better and these are from the Critics. Critics that have giving Mariah Bad Review’s in the Past gave this Tour great Review’s. This has been Mariah’s largest Tour ever cause she’s never done this Many Date’s! I just can’t wait till they get the Concert on TV then DVD and VHS.

  9. StayGoneBeautiful says:

    I know plenty about being black, seeing as that I am black(well, multiracial, but whatever). I had an opinion, and you cannot challenge that. There a number of ways to “act black”, but I simply do not have the time to get into them. White at heart? That so nonsensical it’s not even funny. Like I said, I had an opinion, something I’m entitled to, and nothing you say will make me change my mind. I think you’re wrong, but then again, you think I’m wrong, so we’re even.

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