Mariah Denies Boob Job Rumors

IMDB reports has shot down reports that her recent more voluptuous look was the cause of breast enhancement surgery saying, “What made you think I did that? It’s called a push-up bra. It costs $14.”

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One thought on “Mariah Denies Boob Job Rumors

  1. Kayla says:

    I believe Mariahs boobs have gotten grown because I believe she has a baby, she just keeps it quiet. and because of the pregnancy her boobs have grown. because I mean, my boobs grew 5 times as big as the were before I had my first child. and besides, the pics you have on her say ” from 1994 and a pic from 2005″ that’s pretty much a decade of maturity. a lot of people look different within 9 years!! and in 1994 she was what, 24’ish, I know some people that barley started there period around 21. like I said, she could of been just a late bloomer!

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