Mariah Fans Gather For Birthday, Give Out Prizes

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fans and music lovers worldwide will gather on the diva’s birthday, March 27, to celebrate the coming of thirty-two years of life, music and memories.
This meeting, sponsored by Mariah Land, will take place on the chat program mIRC, in Undernet’s #Mariah channel. This will give Carey fans a chance to talk about the songstress- past, present and future. It will also serve as a place for people to meet new online friends, local fans and pen pals, win Mariah merchandise and of course, it will be the center for fans to swap rare audio and video files.

With it’s roots stemming from 1994, #Mariah is one of the oldest and most popular (as well as the original) chat channel dedicated to Mariah and her fans. Several similar -chatting parties- have been held in the past and have turned up large amounts of visitors and Mariah’s birthday bash is expected to be another success.

There are two methods that fans can connect to #Mariah.

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