Mariah Laughs Off ‘Glitter’ Critics On The Road To Comeback

The Globe reports has grown up and is ready to make a post-breakdown comeback according to friends. An insider revealed, “The old Mariah was a flaky kid looking for cop out excuses or explanations for everything that went wrong.” But now she explains, “The new Mariah is grown up and takes business and career seriously, while at the same time not taking herself too seriously.”

Helping her in the comeback was the positive reaction she received at the Vogue Fashion Awards, as she stole the show and even caused the models to take notice.

Mariah has turned to her dog Jack to receive the love that ex-beau Luis Miguel no longer showers her with. A pal admits, “Mariah talks her problems through with Jack. The dog goes with her everywhere and he’s helped her through her sadness.”

As for her bad movie reviews in Glitter, Mariah is making fun of them according to a pal who revealed, “Mariah read out loud to her friends the terrible things a reviewer said about her acting in ‘Glitter’. Before long, she was laughing and so was everyone else. It was incredibly brave.”

Those on the inside of the Ally McBeal set also see a confident Mariah as one revealed, “Mariah fit right in and was very professional. She’s really on the mend.”

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