Mariah Leaves New Voice Message

Contributed by a_rod221:

On Wednesday, called in to her website and left the following message: “Hello, hey lambs – I’m just calling you from Atlanta, getting ready to do this tribute to Michael Jordan on Sunday, wanted to call and check in and let you know that it’s been fun, had a little vacation, spent some time with some nice friends, Jack was there, yeaah everything was quite wonderful. And umm just I’ve been enjoying meeting up with fans as usual whenever I’ve been meeting people and the nice feedback you’ve been giving me about ‘Charmbracelet’ so thank you, thank you, thank you! And umm the ‘Through The Rain’ remix of the different mixes and whatever is out this week in the nice stores and umm the ‘Boy’ video is on so we like when we see it on the nice TRL. Anyway, I love you much and I will be checking in with a lot of interesting and fun tidbits. 2003 is the year of the fun tidbits that I’ll be giving to you on a regular basis. Bye bye!”

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