Mariah Looks Forward To More Film Projects

According to, is still going ahead with a film career despite horrible reviews for her debut, Glitter. Carey says, “It’s hard to decide which creative thing I enjoy most. I have been singing since I started talking. I have been a songwriter most of my life. I enjoy acting as well. I look forward to further projects, one which I just completed. It allows me to use a different side to my creativity.”

As for the business side of the movie business, Carey admits, “There are a lot of variables, directors, producers, and a lot of people who are in control and it’s their vision. It is a different situation and in life I like to go through different situations. It is different than making a record, but I enjoyed it and look forward to my next acting experience. I will never stop writing and singing songs. I felt acting in this film made me more connected to the music.”

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