Mariah Made Him A Millionaire, Thalia Has Taken Him To Bankruptcy

Contributed by SJ:

El Siglo reports that , became the feminine singer who has sold more albums in the history of music, as soon as the ex-director of Sony, Tommy Mottola, discovered her great artistic talent. As manager and promoter, Mottola lay down millions of dollars with the privileged voice of his ex-wife, nevertheless, with Thalía, his present wife, the same formula has not worked informed a publication into Magazine FAMA. Tommy is in the total financial ruin because of Thalía, since she failed with her disc, mark of clothes, lenses, chocolates and now with the magazine.

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6 thoughts on “Mariah Made Him A Millionaire, Thalia Has Taken Him To Bankruptcy

  1. sile says:

    Thalia has her own money and continues to make money in Latin America. I don’t buy that she’s making him go broke. Thalia is a HUGE deal, maybe even bigger than Mariah, in Latin America!

  2. Miguel says:

    Thalia was a millionaire and Televisa’s highest paid actress so in fact she didn’t need Mr. Grase Bag Tommy Mazzola (Mottola) but she is still making money with her records and products in latin america, asia and other 3rd world countries. Mariah on the other hand, she is simply the best female singer and she did in fact made Tommy Mottola and Sony very rich. Tommy may have invested in Thalia but I don’t think they are close to being broke much less bankrupt.

  3. Whatever says:

    @Miguel don’t make me laugh, you know how “big” $ Tommy gets from MC, come on compare MC with Thalia $/Fame & Fortune? it’s so silly, don’t get me wrong I love MC & also love Thalia, but somehow i didn’t like what Thalia said about MC sometimes…

  4. NINA says:

    we New Yorkers do not like the no talent broad. She walks around showing off that she is a millionaire. Mariah Carey, was at least a New Yorker this bitch is from tiajuana lying about that her father was a pathologist and writer and her mother a famous painter…She is so narcisess that she made up a rich educated childhood, the real one she is embarrassed about. What a shallow person to be ashamed of where you are from. That is one of the reasons she will only be accepted in Mexico, she is tooooo phoney for us NY’kers. Good Im glad she took him to the bank. That is what he gets for being greedy and seeing dollar signs when he saw her face, she is pretty but she can’t sing and can only act in novelas

  5. Sonita says:

    Nina, I loved your great comment. You just said what every person who has common sense think! Congratulations!

  6. BlueEyedBaby says:

    Lol, while Mariah did help to pad his pockets, he was already making pretty good bank when he “discovered” her. And as far as Tommy and Thalia, unless he personally bankrolled every one of her enndeavors, no way in h*ll is he broke or going broke, he has a net worth of $200 mill, not to mention his record and entertainment companies that are continually making him money.

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