Mariah & *NSYNC Take Part In Ali Special

Mariah Carey and *NSYNC made appearances on Wednesday’s CBS special to honor Muhammad Ali’s 60th birthday. *NSYNC had taped their segment during their special from Atlantis during November. Mariah was on hand at the Los Angeles show to sing Happy Birthday to Ali.

*NSYNC Performing At Grammys With Rapper Nelly

January 16, 2002 – According to folks at the UK *NSYNC Street team, word has it that *NSYNC will perform at the Grammy Awards with rapper Nelly, where the two acts will team up on *NSYNC’s latest single, ‘Girlfriend’. There also are rumored dates for a U.S. tour beginning in Portland on February 28.

*NSYNC Star Wars Appearance Still Possible

January 14, 2002 – *NSYNC’s JC, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Lance Bass were at the People’s Choice Awards Sunday night where they told Access Hollywood details about their Star Wars film experience. While they said they’ve heard about the Saturday Night Live skit about their possible Star Wars cameo, they haven’t seen it. The guys explained, “We were actually up at the ranch editing our concert special together. No, no, it’s the truth. We ended up dropping into some scenes and we don’t know if it’s gonna make it or not or whatever. We were just kind of background.”

Seat Filler Says *NSYNC Appeared Tense With Each Other

January 11, 2002 – A seat filler for the American Music Awards reported back from the Wednesday night show and had more details on when the trio that represented the group went to accept their award. The seat filler said, “When they won the award you could tell he was shocked and I think sad to hear the booing, he didn’t know how to start accepting the award after hearing that. I was sad for him. But I think Justin’s comment lightened the mood, but JC and Chris both kind of glared at him after he said it, in a not nice way WTF way.” She later added, “They did seem tense with each other, even before the booing.”

Note: Actually JC & Chris were correct to be PO’d at Justin for the comment, IMO. Mentioning a competing show during an appearance is a definite no-no in any appearance… Straight out of ‘Celebrity 101’.

Don’t Count *NSYNC Out Of ‘Star Wars’ Yet

January 11, 2002 – Ananova reports LucasFilm representatives say the decision as to whether to drop *NSYNC from the ‘Star Wars Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones’ movie hasn’t been made yet. The decision is likely to be made on the final edit. Joey Fatone had earlier commented that the decision had already been made to drop the group’s scene from the movie.

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