Mariah Said To Be Taking Mottola’s Side In Jacko Dispute

Jeannette Walls of MSNBC reports sources close to Thalia, Tommy Mottola’s current wife, say she’s been telling friends that Mariah Carey had called Tommy offering her support in his dispute with Michael Jackson. A source revealed, “[Thalia] said Mariah said Michael’s wrong in this whole thing, that Tommy’s anything but a racist. She wants to leave her dispute with Tommy in the past and she’s rather appalled that Michael has dragged her into this thing.”

Porno Producer Another Smear Campaign Against Jacko

July 15, 2002 – Roger Friedman of is again talking about Michael Jackson and the story over the weekend that the producer of the ‘What More Can Give?’ had worked in the porn business in the past. Friedman, while gleefully gloating he had known about Mark Schaffel producing the track nine months ago said, “So what to make of all this? It’s just another volley from Sony and Mottola’s camp in a smear campaign against Jackson. Last year, Mariah Carey was ‘crazy.’ This year, Jackson cavorts with porno people. What will happen this week?”

Uri Gellar Talks About Big Spending Pal Jacko

July 15, 2002 – The New York Daily News reports Michael Jackson’s spoon bending pal Uri Geller is now trying to cash in on his friendship by telling anecdotes about his pal in a piece that he would write for cash. “He loves to spend,” Geller wrote. “He makes Mike Tyson look like a miser.” When asked if he had Jackson’s permission to write about him, Gellar said, “I can write whatever I want to. I don’t have to get an okay from him. I’m not his controller and he’s not mine.”

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