Mariah Says Kelly Clarkson Is More Like Celine

Mariah Carey has brushed aside comparisons to ‘American Idol’ winner Kelly Clarkson. “I think she’s got more of a Celine type of thing going on,” Carey told the New York Times.

Kelly Clarkson Success Is An ‘Incredible Phenomenon’

October 19, 2002 – Lynette Holloway of the New York Times profiled the radio and singles sales success of Kelly, getting reaction from music industry insiders. “America’s fascination with ‘American Idol’ has played itself out on radio,” said Tom Poleman, program director for Z-100 in New York and senior vice president of programming for Clear Channel Communications. “She’s an incredible phenomenon. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen any artist with single sales this high and this consistent.”

Kelly Clarkson On KISS 107 In Cincinnati

October 19, 2002 – Kelly stopped by KISS 107 FM in Cincinnati to talk about life now that she’s won the popular show. Kelly says she doesn’t real the Idol message boards because it’s like reading the tabloids. Kelly says for the second season, she suggests contestants have confidence, and that Simon and Randy can sense if you don’t have it. Kelly loves the tour bus but singing has been tough for her. Kelly says she is going to save her money, and wants to build a cool house with the proceeds. Audio has since been removed.

It Really Was ‘A Moment Like This’ On TRL Friday

October 18, 2002 – Friday’s Total Request Live episode had a guy named Eric who proposed before the Kelly Clarkson ballad ‘A Moment Like This’. The guy’s girlfriend said “Oh, my gosh, yes!” Guest host Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs responded, “You know, things like this only happen with Diddy stops by, you know yeah. A lot of love in the room right now. Y’all I didn’t expect you to say that.” Then during Kelly’s song, they showed shots of the couple and the engagement ring.

Kelly Clarkson On Tonight’s ET

October 18, 2002 – Tune in to Entertainment Tonight later today to watch exclusive clips of Kelly for her MTV ‘Diary’ special. In the ‘Diary’ special, Kelly reveals her humble beginnings as a West Hollywood Jamba Juice jockey and squeals the first time she hears her top 20 hit ‘A Moment Like This’ on the air. “Oh my god, I’m on the radio!” she shrieks. “Oh, it sounds so pretty!”

Kelly Clarkson Classmate Says No One Deserves It More

October 17, 2002 – The National Enquirer talked with Lisa Cook, who was the classmate to Kelly at Burleson High School in Burleson, Texas. “Kelly was voted ‘Most Talented’ by the Class of 2000,” Lisa said. “She always put every ounce of her heart and soul into her singing.” Lisa added of the ‘American Idol’ winner, “No one deserves it more than Kelly. She is the All-American girl, and if we’d known she was destined for a million dollar contract just two years after graduating from high school, we’d have voted her ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ too.”

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