Mariah Shares Terror Attack Thoughts With Extra

was on Extra Thursday where she talked about her first return to her apartment in New York since the terror attacks on 11. Mariah said, “My apartment is pretty close to Ground Zero, and the police commissioner took me on a tour. It was the most devastating thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Mariah, a New York native, has faith in her city despite the acts of terror saying, “I know New York is going to recover from this. I know the world is gonna recover from what’s gone on, but just growing up in New York, for me, it’s going to take a while.”

While touring the area around her home, Mariah met with recovery workers and visited a family center consoling victims families, “All the stories, they’re all heartbreaking, but it’s nice to see how people have bonded together to find relief.”

As for her performance of ‘Hero’ that helped raise $150 million for the victims’ families, Carey said, “I’m an American and I’m here just trying to get by like everybody else and do my part to help.”

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