Mariah Talks New Medley In Voice Message

left a new voice message on her official site talking about recording a new medley of ‘Never Too Far’ and ‘Hero’. Read on for a text transcript of what she had to say:

Hey lambs

Hmm… I tried to leave you a message about this last week but it didn’t go through so here I am, calling you to let you know that I re-recorded “Never Too Far” and “Hero” and made them into a Medley and that’s gonna be coming out in stores on December 4th. You can hear it on the radio as well, and, hmm… there’s also gonna be a video taken from a live performance that was done, so hmm…

The B-side of that is also an unreleased track that I’ve been saving called “There For Me” and I hope you like it, so check it out, I will call you again soon, I love you, I miss you and I enjoy ya, as you know. Bye bye!

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