Named Yahoo! Internet Life Favorite

Mike Mandel, associate photo editor of Yahoo! Internet Life, has named as his favorite website. Mandal writes, “Though I’m a married male in my 30’s, my secret fantasy had always been to be the most popular teenage girl at school. I imagined lying on my canopy bed, staring at my bubble-gum pink walls and daydreaming about my future boyfriend. This fantasy exists virtually at Mariah Carey’s official site, where I learned that it’s not so easy being Ms. Popular.”

“Everone is jealous of you. They hate you because you’re beautiful and talented. Your only solace is a flock of docile fans (Mariah calls them ‘lambs’) who blindly praise everything you do. Alas, the world of teenage girls is not what it seems, and I have Mariah to thank for that insight. Finally I’m at peace with my receding hairline.”

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