Mariah’s ‘Glitter’ Tops Todd Hyman’s DVD Best

Todd Hyman of the Island Ear says Mariah Carey’s ‘Glitter’ tops his DVD Best list for 2002. He writes, “Despite the fact that ‘Glitter’ was clearly the worst movie of the year, and Mariah Carey’s career was basically ruined because of it, it turns out to be a funnier DVD than all three Austin Powers movies multiplied by Buddy Hackett’s greatest hits. Here’s what you do: Get a few cases of beer and tell all your friends that you’ve scored a copy of ‘Lagaan’. Then, when they all rush over because they love Indian musicals, crack the beers and throw on the ‘Glitter’ DVD, featuring commentary by director Vondie Curtis-Hall (yeah, he’s the guy who somehow managed to be on both ‘ER’ and ‘Chicago Hope’). Watch your friends erupt with laughter and eventually declare you their new leader. Even if you don’t watch the commentary or the music videos, the awfulness of the movie stands on its own. I mean, how many other DVDs in your collection do you get to boo the end?”

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