Marie Digby Aims For Bolder Sound With Beats On New Album

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@mariedigby) on Monday ( 7), just as her second album ‘Breathing Underwater’ got its digital release at The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

So I got off the road, came home… and it was time to think about album #2. What did I want to say? What musically, did i want to explore? What was inspirational to me at the moment…

I wasn’t exactly sure how it was supposed to sound but I knew a few things for sure:

It had to be bolder, more confident, and lush….
After performing live, I was craving more music that would make people want to move.

So I had to have rhythm… bass….. I wanted beats…

I was THRILLED with all the possibility…. and then came a flood of doubts.
Wait, is this what my fans want of me? Am I supposed to just stay an acoustic-y, folky, artist my whole career? Is that all that I can do?

Then I started thinking about all the artists that I’ve grown up idolizing…. Portishead, Radiohead, Tori Amos.. The list goes on.. They’ve never been shy of evolving, with each album, they grew and morphed… They challenged me to listen differently, to feel differently.

Now, I may have a long ways to go before I even touch the edge of leaving the mark that these bands have but I don’t see why I shouldn’t strive to walk in that direction…

Like I may have said before in my songs, I, just like anyone else, have insecurities and moments of doubt but … there is one thing I am not, fearful.
Nothing great, nothing life changing or epic comes out of fear….

So while I might have had some worries as to how I would explain to everyone where I was going and why, I knew I had to do it and if I was going to do it, put everything I had into it.

Kind of reminds of the day I decided to leave behind college (despite the advice to do the opposite from all those around me including those who love me the most) to pursue music. It was either the most ridiculous decision or my life or the most important and brilliant.

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