Marie Digby Angry After Lilith Fair Artist Damages Her Guitar

checked in with her Twitter followers (@mariedigby) earlier today, angry with another artist for damaging her guitar while on the Lilith Fair stop at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Sunday. The singer songwriter tells readers:

last night was a very tough night. Hard to believe what even happened.. feels like a distant and terrible nightmare…
You know my beloved gibson hummingbird? A fellow artist on tour asked if she could borrow it and play it for her acoustic set..
I of course say ‘yes’.. So she played it and at the end of her set, stood up, and threw my guitar – badly damaging it.. right in front of me
Unimaginable disrespect… That guitar has been with me for years. I wrote my albums on that guitar. traveled the world with it..
I don’t care what the reason was… You just don’t do that to someone.. especially artist to artist. Still trying to cool down from my anger
Luckily, I have the day off today. Going to take it easy…spend time with friends. and try to think happy thoughts. Hope u guys are well :)

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One thought on “Marie Digby Angry After Lilith Fair Artist Damages Her Guitar

  1. Miki says:

    that’s so lame. I wonder who it was..

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