Marie Digby Defends Herself Over Wall Street Journal Claims

posted the following message on her blog at MySpace (@mariedigby) on Wednesday (August 5):

Media 101

I think today will be the first ever blog that I write … as I’m furious. fuming. angry beyond words.

Thank god for blogs because I can say whatever the F.. I want to .

So basically, I got a call recently that some schmuck from the Wall Street Journal wanted to do an article about me. He interviewed some people at my label and then asked to talk to me on the phone. I talked to this guy for an hour, told him every detail of my journey so far in music…

Here’s Lesson 1 for me in Media – The writer will use whatever quote he wants of yours to make it fit his ‘angle’. This loser was desperate for a good story… he knew what he wanted to write before he ever even talked to me.

The guy’s angle is this : that I am a complete phony and fake and a pawn of my record label in some brilliant marketing scheme.

IS this guy completely insane. You think it’s that easy? That you get signed and suddenly everything’s taken care of for you!!!??
DO you think that my record label came to my house, my bathroom! and told me what songs to sing and told me that in a matter of weeks I’d be some ‘YouTube ‘ phenom??!?!

Wake up – I am GRATEFUL to be signed but you know what, Labels are wonderful for mostly one thing – A loan. It is a bank and they lend you money to make music. They don’t come to your house, hold your hand, and direct YouTube videos for you .

I have so many dear friends who were signed to the biggest record labels in the world, made amazing albums and were DROPPED. that’s it…..

I was in a situation with my label where I didn’t know where the hell I stood amongst the Hilary Duff’s, Aly and AJ, Jesse McCartney.. the HIGH School Musical kids!!!!

I was STRANDED! I was completely lost and desperate… I knew that if I didn’t do something, that I would end up like my friends.. that I would have this amazing record which would never see the light of day. Oh, and something else, as many of you have asked me, I STILL don’t know when I get to actually release an album !! I mean, I’m hoping that thanks to all of this good stuff lately, that it will get the chance it deserves but I still don’t know for sure.

What hurts the most is that this loser took every genuine thing I said and made it sound like I am acting, that this whole thing is scripted. The dude is desperate to be onto the next ‘ lonely girl’ or whatever.. I’ve actually never seen that but its obvious that’s what he wanted me to be.

I just had to write this because this is a place for me to say whatever is on my mind.. and I want you to hear what I have to say about this article.

It’s really upsetting but I guess it’s also a lesson learned.. this is my first taste of what media might be like.

OK. I’m not angry anymore :)

I guess it’s that easy for me to get over it. good thing.. write songs or write blogs, I guess that’s my therapy.

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One thought on “Marie Digby Defends Herself Over Wall Street Journal Claims

  1. Bill Hallahan says:

    The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article was wrong about Maria Digby, and there is evidence to show that Maria Digby never lied. To anyone who followed her videos, it’s obvious that Maria Digby has always been herself.

    The article stated:
    “Ms. Digby’s MySpace and YouTube pages don’t mention Hollywood Records. Until last week, a box marked “Type of Label” on her MySpace Music page said, “None.”
    However, she had joined MySpace in 2004, roughly 2 years before she was signed, and she merely didn’t bother to update a setting, and she’d probably forgotten that setting even existed. I signed up for a MySpace music page, and it could even be missed when first signing up. And, since months after she recorded her CD, there was no indication it was ever going to be released, I wouldn’t expect that it would even cross her mind to change her status to signed, even if she was still aware of that setting. Note, her CD didn’t come out until approximately 2 years after she was signed, and approximately 4 years after she joined MySpace.
    The article went on to state:
    “After inquiries from The Wall Street Journal, the entry was changed to “Major,” though the label still is not named.”
    Makes sense to me. There is no point in naming a record label when there is no indication they are going to release your CD. And, given that, who she was signed with has just as little relevance as that she was signed. (Note, the CD, titled “Unfold” finally came out on April 8, 2008. Buy it, it’s wonderful).

    The Wall Street Journal article also contained:
    ‘Most of Ms. Digby’s new fans seem pleased to believe that they discovered an underground sensation.
    In fact, the vast majority of the posts were about her music, and not about “discovering” her. For most of us viewers, a huge number of people had already seen her videos when we found her, which were posted long before the WSJ article, so we could hardly claim to have ‘discovered her.’

    The term “feigning amateur status”, used in the WSJ article is completely ridiculous. Maria Digby posted music videos, and expressed enthusiasm, and hope. She was largely unknown outside of Los Angeles.

    Maria Digby has posted that a Wall Street reporter talked to Maria Digby for about an hour, but they never asked the questions that would have cleared this up. Instead, they took one response, which merely meant that her signed status wasn’t relevant to her goals (and frankly, would have seemed ridiculous in the videos), as meaning she was hiding it.

    There were radio station interviews, before the WSJ article, where she mentioned being signed. If she were hiding it, she would have hid it there too.

    I gather Maria Digby’s family is rather well off. She never mentioned that in her videos either. I wouldn’t say she was, “feigning middle class status,” but I’m sure some people would! Sad!

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