Marie Digby Pushes Back Album Release

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@mariedigby) on Thursday (April 2), talking about a delay in her second U.S. album. The singer songwriter tells readers:

You guys probably don’t know this but I have been without a manager for 6 months (and for the whole making of both the U.S. and Japanese albums). That may not sound so hard but trust me .. it is. A manager is supposed to help take care all of your business so that you can concentrate on just making art and being a musician.

Because I haven’t had a manager, I’ve had to take on that responsibility and it’s been quite a challenge. I’m looking so hard to find a new manager but for the time being, it’s just me.

The album is completed but I am just doing the final touches on the artwork. I just handed in my album ‘thank you’s and there is of course, a special thank you for all of you.. the most special thank you… You’ll see it in a few months :)

My album was originally supposed to come out in May but I asked for it to be pushed back because I need more time to find a manager and make sure that we have the perfect set up for the album. I need to make sure that everyone knows about it before just releasing it!

There’s so much to releasing an album guys… I had no idea but it takes careful planning and great promotion. Although, I’m really lucky with what’s happened on YouTube, it’s put so much of the control in my hands because I can say whatever I want and present my music however I’d like without having to filter it through anyone. That’s what I love.. and I think that’s why I have been able to create such a special relationship with so many of you.

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