Marie Digby’s Disastrous Gig In Birmingham

Marie Digby checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@mariedigby) on Saturday (June 14) from Longview, while on tour. “Last night, we played a show at the House of Blues in New Orleans! What an amazing city.. it’s too bad that we only had about 8 hours before we had to take off,” Digby writes. “The night before that, I had my most disastrous show of the tour in Birmingham, Alabama !! Just about everything went wrong – my mic wasn’t on, my guitar wouldn’t make a sound, my guitar string popped as soon as the sound came back on, i forgot lyrics.. chords !!! but THEN – everything took a turn when these studs took it upon themselves to come up on stage and dance while I played ‘Umbrella’. Thanks guys :)”

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