Marilyn Manson Comments On Christina Aguilera & Robbie Williams

Marilyn Manson tells The Mirror he is hot for after her raunchy performance at the MTV Europe Music Awards. “I just saw Christina Aguilera’s crotch close up,” he said. “Closer than her gynecologist.” Manson says he also would like to collaborate with Robbie Williams. “My biggest choice would be to team up with Robbie,” he admits. “Yeah, Robbie and I should hook up with a load of hookers in LA when we get back.”

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One thought on “Marilyn Manson Comments On Christina Aguilera & Robbie Williams

  1. Candice says:

    I think marilyn manson and Christina were supposed to fu** a long time ago. Look at her music video fighter and candyman. it looks like she’s trying to suck his di** in a pop way . ahahahah

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