Marion Raven Loses Voice Due To Pollen Allergies

Former M2M star checked in with fans on her official forum on Saturday (May 14). Raven writes, “Hi Everyone. As you can see everything is happening at the same time right now. It’s all very exciting. I am working my ass off, but at the same time doing what I love to do. It’s my first real day off in a long time and I thought I would say hi. I am sorry that it’s been little time to answer your questions here on the forum, but it’s only because I am out there making videoes, doing interviews and having showcases. Hope you’re all doing well. I am relaxing at home with my family and trying to get my voice back. I have big problems with pollen allergies and my voice is completely gone! SCARY! But I will hopefully be back on my feet by the end of the week. Marion. PS: Working on a new website as we speak.. I know it’s not much on it right now.. stay with me!”

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