Marion Raven Promotes Debut Single In Asia

Former M2M star has been in Asia promoting her debut single ‘Break You’. The singer posted on her official blog April 28th: “I really had a good time in every country, but I wish I had more time to sight see in each place. So, I’ve decided that next time I come back I’m gonna try to have at least one day off in every country so I can take a walk outside. In Thailand I want to go back to Krabi. In Indonesia I want to go to Bali and surf. In Singapore I would like to go shopping for a camera and in Malaysia I heard that they have an indoor pool where you can surf! Coming back to Asia after three years I had no expectations of people remembering me, so I was happy to see some familiar faces, including two fans waiting for me at the airport in Singapore.” Read more, including several photos of Raven’s trip, here.

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