Marion Raven Q&A’s Lennat Mak caught up with when she was in Singapore. Asked if she felt lonely or scared while she was in New York recording her debut solo album, the former M2M star said, “I did at first. The first time I went there, it was like a big city. I’m from Norway, there’s only four million people in the whole country! So I felt like a little girl in this big city, alone. And I don’t go to school, so it’s hard to get friends. You just can’t go on the streets and go ‘Hi, do you want to be my friend?’ (Laughs) But after a while, I start meeting some people and now I really love being there. I really got settled in! And I’m actually getting more used to living by myself and getting more independent. You have to do everything — from paying electric bills, phone bills, to laundry. And after a few weeks, your apartment starts to get really dusty and you just have to wash it!” The transcript at has since been removed.

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