Marion Raven ‘Spending Every day In The Studio’

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Thursday (November 27), her first posting in awhile. The former M2M star writes:

Wow, it took me 3 months to write another blog.
I’ve kind of figured out that “blogging” is not really my cup of tea.
I am pretty much spending every day in the studio. I’m occupied with singing, playing and writing. So if you’re not interested to know what I ate for breakfast or how the weather is like, there is not much to write about in a blog every week. It’s weird to me how some people spread their whole private life in these kind of blogs. I guess you just gotta try to figure out mine through my music and lyrics! : )

But of course when things start to happen next year, when the touring and travel starts… I promise I will have tons to write about and plenty of photos to share.

It’s going great in the studio. The song are really starting to come together.

I am also starting to get very homesick and I’m looking forward to spend Christmas at home in Norway. Other than that I am obsessed with Twilight (saw the movie twice already). I had oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast and it finally started to rain. I love the rain.

Happy Turkey Day, as they say here in Hollywood.


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