Marit Larsen Makes It Through Sound Issues In Lisbon

updated fans after opening for Jason Mraz at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon, Portugal in a blog posting at her MySpace (@maritlarsen) on Friday (March 20). The former M2M star writes:

On my list of 100 wild things to do before I die I can now check “playing my songs acoustically in front of 5500 people”. Last night was so absurd – as the venue was so huge, the sound was bouncing off the walls and causing a total blur onstage. When the audience started clapping and screaming, I heard no music whatsoever! Luckily we saw the absurdity of it all, braced ourselves and had a good laugh onstage. It was sort of crazy. Judging by all the friend requests I received this morning, though – (thanks, everyone!), I’m assuming you heard us after all, which is a relief! Haha! And singing “Lucky” along with the gigantic mass of people was pretty huge.

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