Maroon 5 On Irritations, Time Machines & Superpowers

Maroon 5 members James Valentine, Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael answer five questions, with topics including irritations, online addictions, time machines and superpowersJames Valentine, Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael did 5 Questions for, including the most irritating thing someone can do in their presence, if there’s anything online they’re addicted to, what era they’d visit if they had a time machine, who is the best rock band right now, and if they had one superpower, what would it be.

“I don’t like it when you’re talking to someone and you can just tell that they’re waiting for their term to talk,” said about his biggest irritation. For his part, Adam said, “What’s really irritating, is when someone close talks you when they’re drunk, and they’re loud and their breath smells and they spit in your face.”

On internet site addictions, Adam said, “That’s tough. I’m the least internet involved of anyone in the band. I don’t really care about the internet. Fu** you internet… Oh my god, Twitter, I love using you. Communicating with our fans via you. Look, they said something nice.”

If he could go back in time, Adam said, “I would probably go back to the ’60s, because that’s probably when music was the best. Mid to late ’60s, everything was crazy good.”

Asked what superpower they would choose, Adam said, “It comes down to two things guys, I can speak for you on this. It’s flight or invisibility. You have to go with flight, but it would suck that you couldn’t do shady stuff with invisibility. You could see anything, you could spy on anyone. You could do anything. Invisibility there’s so many possibilities. At some point flying would get boring. Because yeah, I can fly, I can do it all the time for ten years, I’m sick of it. Just a way to get to point a to point b.”

Watch the responses below.

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