Mary J. Blige: Christina Aguilera Is Rude

Mary J. Blige has vowed to never record a song with because she feels that she is “rude”. Recalling their first meeting, Mary said that upon greeting each other, Aguilera extended her hand to Mary as though she wanted her to kiss it, which was taken as an extreme insult by Blige. A clip of Blige’s remarks from has since been removed.

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6 thoughts on “Mary J. Blige: Christina Aguilera Is Rude

  1. Tierra says:

    Mary should have went Yonker’s style on her.

  2. Jessica says:

    Hmm, Interesting, considering Mary J. Blige has said that story is bull sh**.

  3. LynnAnnDyole says:

    Christina is a bitch these stories going around there has to be some truth to it she had so many people kissing her fat ass its changed so now she is just a plain bitch she is a has been.

  4. JulieM says:

    Can’t stand Christina.

  5. Nomi says:

    Mary J Blige herself said that those rumors wasn’t true. Beside all these famous people are extremely arrogant, and crazy as hell, and most of the people Xtina was rumored to have beef with, aren’t angels themselves.

  6. Nia Bashir says:

    THAT IS BADAZZ but I respect Christina and Mary.

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