Mat Kearney About Finished With New Album

Mat Kearney updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@matkearney) on Friday ( 12) with the following message:

Hello… I’m just about finished with the new record. I’m headed out to New York in matter of hours for the final mix. Me and some friends have been in the studio black hole for a few months so I can’t really think straight right now, but I think we have a really good album going. I can’t wait to share it with you..

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One thought on “Mat Kearney About Finished With New Album

  1. Sergei Kappa says:

    Simile and metaphor are the gemstones of any good narrative art, and with song one has to have a voice to make it all come through. How brilliant you are! Less whinny than Coldplay, the rapping sounds to me like the best of Lincoln Park. Kearney is the kind of artist every other artist, whichever media, yearns will surface sooner or later. He is that good. A master of description, clear, honest, inspiring, and pretty darn hip. This kind of package does not come around very often. This guy is a true poet. Brilliant! Whatch out Eminem:)

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