Matt Costa & Wife Casey Perform ‘Miracle Drug’

Matt Costa and wife Casey

was joined by his wife Casey in a homemade video for ‘Miracle Drug’. The video has since been removed from the singer songwriter’s MySpace, but can be seen via YouTube below.

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2 thoughts on “Matt Costa & Wife Casey Perform ‘Miracle Drug’

  1. no gracias says:

    Wow, get married on a whim. Fire band, wife sings back up… how very Yoko.

    Not into it dude, not into it at all. Jesus will not save you.

  2. joanna says:

    omg–i thought the very same thing!! gets married so quick, dumps Dumont who discovered him, fires band and now this chick’s conveniently doing duets with him. boo. I miss Matt with the stripey Polo’s, his “I haven’t shaved for a week” look, and the Vans. The new album is awful.
    I love people who can tell it like it is. Rock on no gracias, you made me lol.

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