Matt Damon Talks Ben Out Of Getting J.Lo Tattoo

The Star reports Matt Damon has sensibly advised best pal Ben Affleck against getting Jennifer Lopez’s name tattooed on his body. Matt lectured to Ben, “Who do you think you are? Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie? Nothing lasts forever.” The advice worked for Affleck.

J.Lo Isn’t Fit For ‘A Star Is Born’

September 30, 2002 – reports that while it is known Will Smith was interested in remaking ‘A Star Is Born’ and performing opposite Jennifer Lopez, insiders say the singer isn’t fit for the role originally played by Barbara Streisand. “It almost makes me sick to my stomach that someone with her lack of vocal talent would even consider this role,” fumed an industry insider.

The Guess What update, including news on Whitney Houston, Monica, and rumors that Britney Spears may sue *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake for slander after his admission on Hot 97 last week, has since been removed at

Affleck Baffled As Lopez Refuses To Meet With Fans

September 30, 2002 – Globe magazine reports Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had their first public argument when J.Lo refused to leave the car she was hiding in until all the excited, autograph-seeking fans who had gathered left. Ben wanted her to sign a few autographs, but the singer disagreed, crying that she hated being looked at. Ben appeased the fans himself by signing autographs while J.Lo remained in the car. “He was great,” a fan gushed of Affleck. “He let me take pictures of him holding my baby and everything. He was so nice!” J.Lo finally gave in and emerged from the vehicle, embracing Affleck and posing for pictures.

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2 thoughts on “Matt Damon Talks Ben Out Of Getting J.Lo Tattoo

  1. Izzy says:

    I wonder if JLo made Ben do his whole house in white!?! I wonder if her 70+ entourage is present for lovemaking sessions. She can’t act…can’t sing all that great but she does have rhythm and can dance well and does manage to pick awesome artist to collaborate with. JLo is lucky anyone even wants her autograph at all.

  2. nsyncfan773 says:

    How can a movie star say she doesn’t like to be looked at. Isn’t that why she’s paid so much to be in movies? to be looked at? Diva with a capital D.

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