Matt Damon’s Opinion Of Jennifer Lopez Was Bad From The Start

The New York Post reports Matt Damon’s troubles with started right when best pal Ben Affleck started dating the diva. It seems Lopez was jealous of Affleck’s personal assistant and Damon’s girlfriend, Odessa Whitmire. “Odessa was living in Ben’s house as his assistant and Jennifer did not like that,” an insider revealed. “She asked Ben to get rid of her and to have her move out.”

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck May Be Sued By Injured Onlooker

January 15, 2003 – Daily Sport reports Deanna Higley, 56, was temporarily blinded and fell on to rocks after security guards for Ben and Jennifer shined mirrors at crowds watching the filming of Lopez and Affleck’s romantic comedy Gigli in Malibu, California. Now Higley is threatening legal action against the pair. “One minute I was picking my way along the beach, the next second I couldn’t see anything,” she explained. “It was totally irresponsible. If they refuse to help me pay for the medical bills then I will consider starting legal action against them.”

Glow By J.Lo Racks Up Big Sales For Coty

January 12, 2003 – Lisa Marsh of the New York Post spoke with Coty, Inc. about the runaway success of their Glow by J.Lo perfume line, and the new Parfum they hope achieves similar sales success. Since Glow hit stores in 2002, it has racked up a reported $40 million in sales of the fragrance, body lotion and shower gel in its first four months on the market. “For Glow, we had a concept,” Coty CEO Bernd Beetz said. “The bottle epitomizes her body and her style. The scent is in line with the positioning. All of the elements are working together in a cohesive way.”

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