Matt Nathanson Fumes Over Those Complaining About Cost Of Albums

lashed out at people who view music as expensive to his Twitter followers (@mattnathanson) earlier this morning. The Lexington, Massachusetts singer songwriter released his seventh studio album ‘Modern Love’ last month, which debuted on number 17 on the Billboard 200, marking his most successful album opening. The 38-year-old writes:

Albums are $10. Movies are $10.50. You OWN an album. People bitch about them not being worth it. Rip offs. I am amazed by this. amazed.

It BLOWS MY MIND. Most people do NOT respect the work & COLLECTIVE YEARS OF SKILL that go into making records. They just bitch.

The album is not dead. Peoples fu**ing imaginations are.

And DO NOT BITCH TO ME ABOUT PRICE. It costs WAY MORE THAN YOU UNDERSTAND to make a record. $15 is NOTHING. $10 is a steal. $.99 is marketing.

People spend $4 on a latte. And complain that albums are too expensive. Yuck.

@Sillywhite it’s just a fu**ing bummer. & this whole industry just rolls towards the idea. “The consumer has spoken..” Yuck.

Reading your replies. People are NOT idiots. They are just SO ENTITLED!… Which is way worse.

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