Matt Nathanson Offers MTV His 10 Greatest Artists Of All Time

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@mattnathanson) on Friday (May 14), discussing how he got to participate as someone offering commentary in an upcoming MTV special ‘The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

So last week I shot interview clips for a new VH1 special on ‘The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.’ They emailed me a big old list and had me fill out a ballot with my top 10. Then I got to go in, be on camera and nerd out on my top 25.

You have to understand, when I was a kid… I DREAMED about sh** like this. If a show had existed then where you talk about why your favorite bands were your favorite bands, I would have wiped the flaky puff crumbs off my sweatpants, put down the dungeons & dragons handbook, marched my heavy-set ass out of the basement to wherever they were filming and gotten my dork on!

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