Max George Checks In After Almost Naked Photo Shoot For AXM

Max George of checked in with fans on the British boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) on Friday ( 5). He writes:

I’m actually feeling a bit rough today. We went to an ITV party last night, then Scott went to a party for OK! mag and the rest of us went to the Embassy club ’til about 3. Saw there, I tried to do a bit of dancing but couldn’t really pull it off, I’m more of a hanging-by-the-bar kind of guy. I didn’t get up until very late, my head feels like a cabbage! My normal hangover cure is just to go for some food and get a paper, so I might do that now.

I did a naked shoot for AXM mag, yesterday, well not quite naked, but almost! I had a good laugh doing the shoot, you’ve just got to not take yourself too seriously.

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