McFly On Girls Aloud And All Saints caught up with McFly in a Q&A, and asked the group to pick their favorites of several musical combos, including Girls Aloud and All Saints. “I would have to say All Saints,” Tom Fletcher responded. Danny Jones added, “If you put the two together, the strengths. Like the songwriting ability of All Saints but the pure dirt of Girls Aloud.” Harry Judd chimed in, “Don’t say that! God! They’ll be like, ‘Danny, why did you say we were dirty?'” Danny defended his remark saying, “No, I just mean the sex appeal of Girls Aloud. I’m not saying All Saints aren’t sexy because they are but Girls Aloud is more sexy-in-your-face. Not dirty, I didn’t mean that.” Harry then said, “I’d pick Girls Aloud.” Danny concluded, “I’d prefer to look at Girls Aloud but listen to All Saints.”

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