McFly’s Tom Fletcher Checks In After Sydney Show

frontman Tom Fletcher checked in with fans on the British pop rock group’s blog at MySpace (@mcfly) on Sunday (March 15) as the band closes out its tour of Australia. Fletcher tells readers:

Hey amigos,

Thanks to everyone who came to see us today in Sydney. I apologize for my technical problems with my guitar… I suck so much that I couldn’t work out what the problem was… turns out the battery had run out in my pedal, schoolboy error!

Anyways, apart from that we had a kick arse show. Sad that it’s the last show we’ll be playing in Australia on this trip but we’ll try and come back as soon as!

Right, I’m in the studio while Dougie is recording some bass… well, we’re meant to be recording but so far we eaten 2 pizzas and a picnic bar and talked rubbish for an hour. But we WILL get some recording done soon!

Captain Fletcher signing off

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