Mckie: Britney’s A Space Cadet Diva Without The Voice To Back It Up

John Mckie of the Glasgow Daily Record weighed in on singing along to her new single ‘Womanizer’ on ‘The X Factor’ over the weekend, unimpressed with her miming and mediocre choreography. Mentioning that Spears turns 27 on Tuesday, Mckie writes:

At 27, Paul McCartney was making ‘Abbey Road’, Joni Mitchell released ‘Blue’, Keith Richards was writing and recording ‘Exile on Main Street’ and Adam Rickitt was approved as a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party.

So it’s all to play for, but Saturday suggested someone so poorly advised that she couldn’t even be bothered watching the show on which she made her big comeback.

In a decade, Britters has gone from a happy-go-lucky popstrel to space cadet diva.

Unlike most divas, she doesn’t have the voice to back up big-time behavior.

The full story at has since been removed.

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