McPhee: Foxx Grinded On Me In Front Of My Boyfriend

‘American Idol’ season five runner-up was on the phone with Mojo in the Morning on Channel 95.5 in Detroit. She talked about being a fan of Sanjaya Malakar but feeling bad for him, being voted the sexiest ‘Idol’, celebrities who have hit on her, wedding plans with longtime boyfriend Nick Cokas, running into Paris Bennett, her pick to win ‘Idol’ this season, and attending Prince’s Golden Globes after party.

McPhee revealed that at the A-lister bash, “Jamie Foxx was a little like, havin’ a good time, was a little tipsy. So he just got finished dancing, like hump dancing this one girl, like I was walking on the dance floor, and he like, was like ‘Helloooo’. And he didn’t know who I was, he just thought I was some random girl… I am some random girl, but so he asked me to dance like right in front of my boyfriend. He started like grinding on me. And I was like, ‘Oookayy..’ … And If I saw him today, he’d probably be like, ‘I never did that, I don’t even know who you are’.”

The interview audio at has since been removed.

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