Britney Spears ‘Me Against The Music’ Review

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I have been a fan since Day 1. I have been a Britney fan since Day 1. I love them both, and I was really thrilled to learn that they will do a song together. That song, ‘Me Against The Music’ has already leaked, and I’m REALLY sad to say that I won’t be the only one who will air disappointment and tirades AGAINST this song … and collaboration … in the coming days. You could say that again — Britney and Madonna “against” music, because the song is simply a cacophony of irrational noises. It has no melody, its lyrics have no sense and it’s really annoying. Madonna and Spears, for all their accomplishments in the world of pop, may both end up being remembered ONLY for that scandalous kiss … and this horrific song. Something tells me that ‘Me Against The Music’ is going to be the ‘Gigli’ (…and of course, that Mother of All Artistic and Commercial Disasters, ‘Glitter’) of Pop Music. One post here in PopDirt sums up the song perfectly, if I may quote: “It’s one of those songs that is desperately trying to be different & be something fresh & new, but just comes out sounding like a extremely bad attempt made by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing on their karaoke machine & keyboard.” (sic) Why can’t they make REAL songs nowadays? Has Madonna really gone down? After the ‘Ray of Light’ CD, she has been giving us nothing but ugly songs. Maybe she should return to Patrick Leonard and Stephen Bray if she wants more hits…and songs with melody. As for Britney, maybe she should go back to Max Martin. We miss the songs and hits, “sexy ladies.” As for their collaboration, it’s really questionable. Madonna needs Britney’s youth and popularity, Britney needs Madonna’s established presence and credibility. Both may lose the little that they’ve got right now, thanks to ‘Me Against The Music’.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears ‘Me Against The Music’ Review

  1. jimmypee says:

    WELL SAID! Madonna was respected until her latest CD. even after the horrible response her music has been getting, she could still have easily turned it around. but that VMA kiss, and her AWFUL part in this AWFUL song has killed her for good. she will never live this down. she’s gone from amazing pop songs to doing embarrassing parts in crappy pointless music like this. Britney never had any credibility in the first place. this song just confirms how useless she is. no growth or musical talent is evident anywhere in this childish song.

  2. perfectly-imperfect says:

    I just heard it for the first time on Z100 and I love it… The beat is hot and Britney sounds so sensual and enticing. They’re gonna be playing the song for a whole hour on Sunday since they’ve been getting so many requests for it.

    The people that are being negative are the ones who’ve always been negative so there’s no reason to let their comments effect you. Instead, maybe we should all be happy that this brings some type of excitement into their pitiable and depressing lives. At least let us give them the pleasure of typing insults towards someone who could care less what they say. :)- omg, this song is getting so many requests, people are loving it here in NYC.

  3. breez says:

    I’ve always loved Madonna. she’s always pushed boundaries and stuck to her own beliefs, and that’s why she hasn’t faded. ‘like a prayer’ and others were brilliant pop songs of any era. I was disgusted when I learned she was featuring on Britney’s new single. that was truly selling out. Britney Spears sucks. Full stop. period.

  4. hellahooked says:

    That song is good, very good. Madonna kind of ruined it with her crappy vocals. I don’t agree with this. This song isn’t an disappointment. Madonna has never been good, lol. Who cares about REAL songs. I hate how they sing about their pathetic life.. It’s so stupid.

  5. faust says:

    real fans has already admit that MATM sucks only fanatics loves that piece of crap. Britney’s over and I’m extremely happy that her CD will be a HUGE FLOP and none of the radio stations will play that crap.

  6. cwaaft says:

    Music will never stay stagnant. You have to grow, change, try new things. I love Me Against the Music. It’s stuck in my head and I feel it’s a good thing. Britney said that she may lose some fans with this album because it’s different. That may possibly be. You don’t like it? Cool, your prerogative. Predicting (from you opinion only) that the song will bomb is immature. Your diatribe made me think of a little child stamping their foot because they didn’t get their way.

  7. HoneyRain says:

    I’ve only heard the NFL version of the song and quite frankly I’ve heard enough.. I don’t wanna hear anymore versions of the song for my ears’ sake. however, I don’t think it’s drop dead on the floor terrible. I’m always into listening to something new and different, and I don’t think that’s where Britney went wrong. I think the music is just fine.. it’s the lyrics that are so awful. also.. I don’t think this is the best choice for a first release. I’ve heard a couple of her other songs and I think “breathe on me” sounds really hot.. I like that one. before everyone goes condemning the song a failure.. remember who we’re talking about: Britney spears. something tells me it will all work out greatly for her in the end.

  8. GoingUnderr says:

    I have never been a fan of Madonna nor Britney from Day 1. I don’t be fans of whores who have 0 talent. Has Madonna ever been good? Her vocals are shocking and is a major whore. Do you expect 2 stupid anals to make a real song? LMAO! Are you kidding yourself buddy? The song is awful and was all over the palace. Madonna sounds like some pedophile!! Ew it’s freaky! She tries to sound sexy when she speaks!! “Hey Britney” ;)

  9. Beach_Babe05 says:

    I am a big Madonna fan and a big Britney fan and seriously the song ricks! When I hear it I want to dance. I am so excited for the CD! I am a little bummed though because JC was releasing his CD on the same day but Jive changed the date. The song will definitely be a hit!

  10. Britney_rocks says:

    No offense but Madonna doesn’t need Britney and Britney doesn’t need Madonna they’ve accomplished s much and you find it necessary to post a freaking essay because YOU don’t like the song. I guess 2.6 million people are against you because Britney was #1 last night with all the votes she got on my radio station ha ha she’s back and the song is awesome!!! you say it’s got no beat then your deaf seriously stop fussing over Britney if you like her cool if you don’t then stop being obsessed with everything she does.

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