‘Me Against The Music’ Video Concept

According to Ted Casablanca on E! News Live, Britney Spears’ new video, to be shot in either New York or London, won’t feature any kisses with Madonna. However, what’s been ordered and written is; Loads of semi-clothed girls will be used in a club-like environment. will have her own room for some scenes, somewhere off, where she can watch the other girls. Madonna is the club’s sexy ruler, who lures Britney deeper. Ms. M. will also have her own set of ‘girls on leashes’.

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9 thoughts on “‘Me Against The Music’ Video Concept

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    “According to Ted Casablanca on E! News Live, Britney Spears’ new video, to be shot in either New York or London, won’t feature any kisses with Madonna.” Were we asking for them to kiss in the music video? The media just needs to GROW UP. That kiss is getting extremely overused now. Anyways, this sounds like it’s more about Madonna trying to portray the same image of a dominatrix controlling Britney like a sex toy, which is kinda similar to the MTV awards as well. Kinda a predictable and unoriginal video concept. I wish they can make something more original, something that’s really shocking. Once again, this is not shocking.

  2. musikluver says:

    ok… that sounds better.. I’m sure it will be good.. all of Madonnas videos are good.. and Britney’s as well. I’m sure it will be different,and by reading the words to the Britney/Madonna version it seems Britney is going to dance her a$s off.. I don’t really know if they are going for the shock value, but I do know that Madonna is going to push buttons in whatever she does. anyway,, I’ll make my judgement once I see it.. nobody knows what it will be, things can change even during filming. so we’ll just have to wait and see.. but its obvious who is in control of this video since the director is reported to be Madonnas husband Guy Ritchie.

  3. bella89 says:

    Now I’d be shocked if Britney got it on with Bush with Madonna watching.

  4. babet says:

    hmm……another video club. yawn. ok…who here was predicting this…….girls on leashes+ club and semi clothed chicks……..? god she makes it so obvious. its a video to forget for sure.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah….a pretty old concept…almost every single music video on MTV just has to have a club scene…girls on leashes…uncreative and degrading I believe….since that kiss its like they are desperately trying to act more lesbian…it’s getting old and very obvious…these days I believe about EVERYONE has done ENOUGH to push the sex envelope, almost every “button” has been pushed….they overused the juice…they need new material..seriously.

  6. JuniorGirl04 says:

    I doubt it’ll get banned…Britney’s not that daring…doesn’t really take risks. Even though she’s trying even harder to sex up her image, she’s not doing anything that hasn’t been done ten times over. Including the club setting for her video. 70% of her videos feature a club scene and half naked girls…c’mon girl: BE ORIGINAL. I’ll wait til I see the video to make a “judgement”, but so far it sounds like the same sh**, different day.

  7. jimmypee says:

    LMAO! nothing more satisfying than watching some idiot screw THEMSELVES over. this sounds SO lame. just a boring tamer version of Dirrty and god knows how many other videos. this girl is probably the most unoriginal person in the industry. daily she makes me question the sanity of her dumbass fans who eat up her stinking revolting crap.

  8. ballersfantasy says:

    Well, this “concept” doesn’t surprise me from Madonna’s view. As for Britney, I think she might be trying a bit too hard to get rid of that squeaky clean image. Anyways, I’m sure the video will be good either way. Just gotta wait and see!

  9. tena says:

    The Dirrty video was just out and out awful. not only the fetish background and Christina crawling around in chaps, and looking like a stripper in need of work, but, it was entirely too busy. And it was a horrible song. I think if it has Madonna’s touch it should be interesting. Although, I like Madonna’s less sexual stuff. Ray of light, frozen, etc.

    It can’t be anymore played out than Mariah doing bad striptease videos, yodeling over rapping. The only good video she did was Bringing on the heartbreak, and that was boring. She can’t dance, and has one expression plastered on her face all the time.

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