Meeting Justin Timberlake

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Aug 22nd 2003. Oh my God I still can’t believe that this really happened to me. I was already so excited and nervous because I have been waiting for this day since my birthday wish came true. And the concert I was going to was postponed from Aug 14th to the 22nd so I couldn’t wait any longer. But then finally Aug. 22nd. I woke up at the crack of done to make sure that I would grab the bathroom before any one else. I’ve been waiting for so long so every part of what I looked like had to be perfect. We finally arrived there at 3:00pm and not one min. later. Melissa the D.J. I won the backstage passes from met us at the entrance where Kiss 95.7 the radio station was set up broadcasting live. She gave my sister and me our passes. It was like she handed us gold or something. Every one around us knew where we were going and all wanted to come to so she said “guard this with your life”; the wait for the doors to open seemed like forever and forever is a very long time! During that wait my sister and I must have made 8 trips to the bathroom checking out hair and make up. We were so impatient so we decided to bug the bodyguards. And hey it turned out it was the lead bodyguard. That was fun.

After a wait that seemed like forever we finally got the OK to go in. We followed some bodyguards down some stairs and through some security then, yes, backstage. We stood there with a couple of other people who were waiting in line for a meet and great. We stood for 15 more min. listening to the rules. NO biting, NO licking, NO pinching, NO pictures, No asking personal questions, No autographs etc. When he was finally done my sister and I followed the arrows to his dressing room. By the end of that night I swear we must have broken all those rules. We looked around but there was no sign of the Hottie we came to see, so we snapped a few pictures of his clothes, food and stuff and left not knowing that the Hottie was behind the bathroom door in front of us. We walked back to the stage and got in line to seat for the sound check. Christina was just getting off and next was him. I could hear him warming his voice up. Ever one was getting so anxious to see him. We marched up to the seats. He was singing my favorite song “last night” off of his new c-d Justified. I was the 3rd person to walk in and get a wave and smile from him. My heart was racing and all I could think about was if I needed more lip-gloss. After the first row of seats filled up he soon realized that allot of fans would be coming in. So being the shy kid at heart, mammas boy he is he turned his back to the audience and began to sing. I looked over my left shoulder to see my precious sister sitting straight up with the biggest smile on her face. I swear her smiled must have lit up that whole room. One by one more people came in snapping pictures of this hotties backside. The song was over but his back was still to us. He walked to a table and picked up a guitar and started to jam away totally bliss. After he was done he turned around smiling and walked to the piano and yelled ready to his band and ran his hands, oh those hands across the keys. Oh my God the way he concentrates so hard when he’s playing the piano. He licked his lips and did the infamous “Eye thingy” he does when he’s pouring his heart into a song then he let out one of those perfect notes he always pulls off that make my heart flutter. The song he played was so beautiful and I just loved the way his voice cracked at the end of the song. The song horrible women the song I know he wrote about Britney Spears. I never heard that song before and it touched me the same way it touched him when he was writing it. I felt his pain. I decided to clap after that song, I just had to. Every one looked at me and on their faces I could read their thoughts “what the hell is this girl doing her knows the rules”… Justin Got up and said thank you I was staring to think I was alone in here that’s the thing I love about him, he is such a smart ass. He began to talk to us. His voice was trembling like he was nervous but he sees this many fans a day. He is such a sweet heart and totally hot. He has a really random since of humor but hey he’s “Just Justin” and did I mention HOT? To make my really long and exciting short enough to read to you guys my class witch I have to do under 3min. lets just say that Yes I broke the rule of asking for autographs and yes I just had to put my hands around that native Memphis ass, and Yes I got a hug and yes I took lots of pictures and yes to every other thing that a obsessed fan would do when they met their idol. Like last year when I asked Justin what happened with him and Britney which he was pissed off about but yea, that’s a different story. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is so sweet I went home with huge smile on my face that I can’t wipe off. I was NOT disappointed with anything that happened that day. On Aug 22nd 2003 Tamarah Timberlake yes the real Mrs. Timberlake, Justin’s ONLY wifey and his beautiful Senorita had the best day of her life.

I have pics but I don’t know how to send them to you so yeah if you e-mail me ATSY2@JUNO.COM I’ll send you all my pictures.

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6 thoughts on “Meeting Justin Timberlake

  1. bluerose88 says:

    um… Someone already posted this before!

  2. BabyBlue2578 says:

    Wow, so um no offense, and you would probably take this as a compliment, but you sound like an overly obsessed teenybopper. Congrats and everything, but you should really tone that down ma.

  3. JustaKidfromMiddleAmerica says:

    Yeah, this was posted here awhile back! The girl changed a lot of her grammar (thank goodness) and cut out a LOT of the teeny-bopper stuff, including the part of how he was watching her ass as she walked away. I remember reading that. It was a little unnerving. Good for her, though!

  4. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    I think the writer changed the article. I mean I heard it too but she changed…. Anyways I’m gonna mail her!

  5. JustinONLYwifey says:

    Ok to all of you HATERS that read this story. I am the author of this story and yea the one that was written before. The night after the concert I went home and a friend IM’d me asking to tell her everything that happened. So I wrote her a e-mail telling her about what happened. If you read it you would know that it was very long. I prob. wrote it in 10min at 1:00 in the morning while baby siting my sisters 3 month year old son. I had no idea she was going to put it up on freaking 4 different web sites. So people couldn’t call me a none educated teenybopper or whatever you said I wrote another one yesterday. I’m definitely not a over obsessed teenage fan. you don’t have to get mad at me just because I met Justin Timberlake twice you haven’t. It just wanted to come back on here and get everything str8. Alright? so I would really appreciate you guys who don’t even know me talking crap about me. if don’t wanna hear a story about some lucky fan meeting their idol then DON’T READ IT… you don’t have to hate ok I don’t need no Hateration!!!! Love you Justin can’t wait to see you next year. Tamarah

  6. Krys10 says:

    I think it’s great you got the opportunity to meet your idol, but you are extremely naive if you think you can post something on popdirt and not have it criticized. There are going to be people who will talk crap regardless of what you post, so get over it, or don’t post anymore. You whining about it, isn’t going to make people shut up, it’ll just fuel the fire. “…all I could think about was if I needed more lip gloss” Was that seriously all you could think about? That comment alone makes me agree with all the posts about you being a teenybopper. Who the heck cares whether or not you need more lip gloss.

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