Meg Frampton: Warner Bros Axe Was Good For Meg & Dia

Meg FramptonMeg Frampton of Meg & Dia checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@megdia) on Monday (July 26), discussing Pioneer Day in Salt Lake City, Utah over the weekend, and how she spent the evening at home. Meg writes:

Now, a good writer always has some point, some moral. I know that Dia’s blog was about her struggles with New York and our struggles being released from our label, and my blog just seems to be about me being a couch potato, BUT if you look closer, it’s sort of about wanting to do something, finding yourself walking down a different path, a path that seems good and happy and the right thing at the time, and then you find yourself coming back just where you started from, the place where you knew you would be the most happy. That’s how I feel about being released from Warner brothers, and now Meg and Dia is in the hands of Meg, Dia, Nick, Jonathan, Carlo, and Mike, and I’ll tell ya: I couldn’t be happier. In a way, I think it’s the best thing that ever happened to us. Now I’m more involved, more excited, and more impatient than ever before. I want to play our music, and whether we get to do this forever or for a week longer is all on my shoulders. That’s a lot of pressure, but it’s also a lot of motivation, and I (we) are in control, the captains of our own ship if you will!

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