Megan McCauley Previews ‘Dr. Phil’ Appearance With Mom

Megan McCauley checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Wednesday ( 12) with details on her appearance on ‘Dr. Phil’ on September 20th.

“My mother and I will be on there, engaged in a battle to the death,” McCauley jokes, hopefully. “This is some deep sh**, not for the weak at heart OR stomach. So if you would like to see midgets mud wrestling, dancing gnomes on LSD, Satan dancing in a tutu while the grim reaper sings the theme song to ‘Good Times’ and accompanies himself on the banjo, YOU ARE GONNA LOVE THIS SH**! If you would also like to see pictures and video of me when I was 6 singing and acting retarded for the benefit of my mother’s pocket money, and then watch Dr. Phil verbally abuse her for making me into a dancing monkey, then please tune in because you’ll be EXTREMELY entertained!!!!! I finish the show off by doing a live and very touching version of my song ‘Porcelain Doll’ (of which I wrote and composed ALL of when I was 13, and I am looking into the confusion with iTunes on why I am not listed as a writer and or composer on any of my music… I’m a tad bit salty about this bullsh** mistake!). So make sure to stay tuned in to the very end of the show.”

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