Meiko Excited To See Her Pregnant Best Friend

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Wednesday (November 26), with the singer songwriter back home for Thanksgiving. She tells readers:

I’m in Georgia right now. Its awesome, and cold! My dad has the fire place going right now, and it’s making me wish I could stay here forever…

Tomorrow I’m gonna get to see my big pregnant best friend! YAY! She’s gonna have a girl, and I’m really excited!!!! I live vicariously through her, and she through me… I tell her stories of the road and crazy crazy late nights and she tells me how cool it is to be a mom.

(tick tick?) HAHA!

Not so soon – I give it five years… I wanna be in a good spot career-wise and be able support myself, etc. if my “baby-daddy” goes and leaves me for something better…


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