Meiko Hits The Jackpot In Las Vegas

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Monday (February 23), where she talked about a profitable day off in Las Vegas while on tour with Joshua Radin. Meiko tells readers:

Yesterday was probably the greatest day of my life.

We had a day off in Vegas and….

I WON $1500.00 on the nickel machine!!!

I got some weird bonus round thing where these balls were flying around in this gigantic glass ball at the top, and all the sudden – It said I won 33000 nickels and I screamed “Yay! I just won a sh** ton of nickels!!” and this dude in a suit came by and gave me all hundreds…. SO — I went to the roulette table, put a $100 on black, the I just kept doing that til I made $1000.00…. SO – then I took that money and decided not to play anymore….

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