Meiko’s Gum Gripe

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Wednesday (January 28), upset over a girl who took advantage of her generosity. The singer songwriter tells readers:

To the Girl From Last Night…

When you asked me for a piece of gum
I was nice enough to share my favorite gum with you (Tropical Twist Trident)
I opened the pack and held it out
feeling good about helping you.
and what did you do…?
you grabbed half of the pack and gave it to all your friends….
now, don’t get me wrong… if each friend asked me for a piece
I would have been super down with giving my whole thing away
but what you did,
was a dick move.
If you happen to read this
I hope you show more respect to the next stranger
that tries to relieve you (and other people)
of your stank ass breath.


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